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About Us

AG Specialties is a wholesale trading company, while Willamette AG is a retail farm store, serving growers in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Both companies' main product lines are fertilizer and farm chemicals, so there is a useful synergy between the companies. Willamette AG can blend, bag and store products. AG Specialties can sell in a broader sales territory than Willamette AG covers, while AG Specialties provides good deals on products for Willamette AG, and also financial support.

AG Specialties is a wholesale trading company, founded in June 2000 by John Hadley. Our main product lines are farm chemicals and fertilizers, but we also trade in animal feeds, seeds, plus industrial and mining chemicals. We purchase worldwide and our sales are predominantly in North America. We represent many manufacturers as domiciled distributors, and also shop the national and international markets for the best deals. As wholesale distributors and brokers we buy and sell fertilizer by the truckload, railcar, barge, and shipload. Farm chemicals are generally traded in pallet lots and truckloads, although expensive chemicals are often sold in case lots. We do sell most of the commodity products, but our focus is on specialty and niche products.

Willamette AG was formed April 3rd, 2001. The company has four primary segments: fertilizer blending, farm chemicals, liquid and dry limestone sales and application, and a trucking company (AKA Transport).

Our facilities on Territorial Road in Harrisburg Or, have over 22,000 square feet of storage under roof, on 2 1/2 acres. From this home base we service the needs of farmers in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and southwestern Washington.

A unique product we handle is a liquid calcium carbonate. Our specialized application equipment allows us to spread liquid lime in the most efficient way, directly sprayed into the root zones of crops like berries, Christmas trees, and other permanent row crops. Our liquid lime has extremely fine particle size, so it is more reactive in the soil than dry limestone - no dusty clouds drifting on to your neighbor's property.

Farm chemicals and fertilizer wholesalers distributors traders and brokers Farm chemicals and fertilizer wholesalers distributors traders and brokers Farm chemicals and fertilizer wholesalers distributors traders and brokers

Truck and rail delivery
Service in the wholesale arena is comprised primarily of timely market information, prompt delivery and follow-up to track shipments. Other companies, notably manufacturers, may know more about the markets for individual products, but there are few companies who have the broad range of knowledge and information, as does AG Specialties.

Up to date market info
We handle virtually all of the fertilizers and AG Chemicals used in the U.S. Up to the minute market information is our life blood. We have in-house dispatch solely dedicated to shipping and tracking your orders. Our network of manufacturers, associates and trading partners is the inside source of market information.

AG Specialties
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Containers being loaded at the production plant to insure quality control
throughout the shipping process.


AG Specialties

John Hadley – Managing Member/President
John (right) graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in AgEcon and an MBA. John has worked in the Ag industry for almost 30 years, the last 27 as a trader of fertilizer and chemicals. His strong suit is fertilizer products, his specialty is micronutrients.

John Hadley

Andy Hailue – General Manager / New Accounts
Andy joined AG Specialties, LLC in May of 2003 in the capacity of Assistant Manager & Trader. Currently the General Manager, operating out of our Palm Springs, CA office, Andy has over 15 years of experience in the Turf and Landscape field with such companies as TruGreen and Scotts.He holds a B.A. from Universal College. Andys experience in Sales Management, as well as his work in Relief Management through C.A.R.E Africa, are evident in his great pride in the quality of professional services he provides.

Andy Hailue

Ethan Hembd-Kester Purchasing Manager / Product Sales and Trading
Ethan joined Ag Specialties in September 2009 & is currently acting as Purchasing Manager. Having come to us from the industry of Commodity Sales (lumber) and Customer Service Ethan can of great help with any sales needs. Be it product sales, pricing or availability, delivery or pick up scheduling, or a glimpse of the current market, you can contact Ethan with any needs you may have.

Ethan Hembd-Kester

Our job is to save you money!

Farm chemicals and fertilizer wholesalers distributors traders and brokers